Biblioteka CAD GESTRA

Do celów projektowych udostępniamy trójwymiarowe rysunki naszych produktów w formacie STP

W sprawie dostępności innych formatów lub typów prosimy o kontakt
A2Type of actuator (pneumatic)
AP102Type of actuator (electric)
AVFloat lifting lever (for float trap)
BType of raised face B (cast flanges)
B1Type of raised face B1 (steel flanges)
B2Type of raised face B2 (steel flanges)
CL150Nominal pressure class 150
DNNominal size
DraufTop view
FL-ASMEFlanged to ASME
FL-ENFlanged to EN
GLK-32676Hinged clamp DIN 32676
GM-ISO-GScrewed sockets to EN ISO 228-1, Gtype thread
GM-NPTScrewed sockets, NPT thread, (America, tapered)
HandManual operation
IP127-SRD-FRSType of actuator (pneumactic), accessory for positioner
MblDimension drawing, not true to scale, for print out ISO A4
PNNominal pressure
pn-N2Type of acutator (pneumatic)
pn-N3Type of acutator (pneumatic)
RanRear view
RFEnd flange facing: Raised Face (ASME)
R-LDirection of flow right-left (float trap)
RSE-3239-2-R3-KZ22Butt-weld ends via transition pieces - standard - design
SanLLeft side view
SanRRight side view
SE-3239-2-R3-KZ22Butt-weld ends - standard - dimension - design
SE-3239-2-R6-KZ22Butt-weld ends - standard - dimension - design
SE-3239-R5-KZ22Butt-weld ends - standard - dimension - design
SE-Sched80Butt-weld ends to Schedule 80 (ASME)
SE-UeM-10460Butt-weld ends - union nut from carbon steel 1.0460
SHSightglass cover (UNA 23)
SMSocket-weld ends
UCUniversal connector (swivel connector)
UntBottom view
VanFront view